BobbyKarra song -Vachadu Maharaju mari manakosame

The Maharaja came and became our companion Sakapurushudu is glorious Our king too .. Oops .. The Maharaja came for us too .. as a companion Shakapurushudu Mahimavithudu is our king .. Thousands .. with the praises of angels Eternity can be praised Holy .. that is the most pure Eternity will be glorified Glorious..Great The unchanging true God .. Just for us .. leave the glory Brought "protection" to the earth Made creation with words Great God Made by man with clay "2" With his own hands .. as his own "2" Mamu kachi .. penchi..premistunna .. any kaika god "came" Loving the nerves .. Leaving the paramu Born as a man Defeating death .. giving protection .. showing the way "2" Your heart asked .. and I did not ask "2" We changed our minds .. Nirvana "arrives"

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